The website is not yet up to speed...but we are back!

I've been so busy putting together shows, music, practice, rehearsals, and everything else...I forgot about the website!

We are back. Just in time for Omicron lol. We hope this variant doesn't cause too much trouble (get the vax and protect yourself!).

And we had to get a new guitarist up to speed! It's been busy, and it's been fun getting all this put back together.

We play today, December 5th at Project Barley in Lomita. 2-5pm. It's a smaller joint and was supposed to be an under the radar warm up type thing. Well, that's dust and it looks like it'll but a full house! We can't wait. 

Then we start back up at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach next Saturday 12/11 from 2-5pm.I will try to find some time to get this site back up to speed next week...thanks for your patience!

Welcome back my friends!


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