Golden Sails with Grampas Grass- WTFB set 3/25/17

WTFB set list Saturday 3/25/2017: 

Sugar Magnolia (Grateful Dead) >> 
Cross-Eyed and Painless (Talking Heads)  
Plane Crash (moe.) 
Return of the Giant Hogweed (Genesis) 
Ain't Life Grand (Widespread Panic)  
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd) >>  
Brain Damage (Pink Floyd) >> 
Eclipse (Pink Floyd) 
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) 
I Am the Slime (Frank Zappa)  
Inca Roads (Frank Zappa) 
A Day in the Life (Beatles) 
Down With Disease (Phish) 
Your Move / All Good People (Yes)  
Hocus Pocus (Focus)