WTFB and Cubensis 9/1/17

This was one for the ages. I need to find the setlist QB played so you can really understand what went down...but here is our, and our shared portions of the evening.


WTFB set lists Golden Sails 9/1/2017: 
21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) 
Firth of Fifth (Genesis) 
Montana (Frank Zappa) 
South Side of the Sky (Yes) 
Fencewalk (Mandrill) 
The Wellspring (WTFB) 
Fat Man in the Bathtub (Little Feat) w Ed Fletcher (drums) 
Terrapin Station Suite (Grateful Dead) 
Lady with a Fan – WTFB w Ed F., Craig Marshall (guitar) joins 
Terrapin Station / Transit – Nate LaPointe (guitar, vocal) joins 
At a Siding WTFB + Craig, Nate, Ed F. 
Terrapin Flyer WTFB + Craig, Nate, Ed F. 
Refrain – Larry Ryan and Tom Ryan join, WTFB members exit, Cubensis set begins mid-song 
In the Flesh (Pink Floyd) 
The Thin Ice (Pink Floyd) 
Another Brick in the Wall Pt.1 (Pink Floyd) 
Empty Spaces (Pink Floyd) 
Young Lust (Pink Floyd) 
One of My Turns (Pink Floyd) 
Nobody Home (Pink Floyd) 
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) 
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd) 
Waiting for the Worms (Pink Floyd) 
Stop (Pink Floyd) 
The Trial (Pink Floyd) 
Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) starts w WTFB + Craig, Nate, Ed F., Tom and Larry swap in for Ed L. and Warren K. mid-song, Cubensis Set 2 begins