Lighthouse-change to schedule!

Hi all!

These Lighthouse shows have been amazing and have brought us many blessings, which include but aren't limited to: 1. Us being able to stay focused on getting new material out there for YOU (who are we too!) 2. Meeting tons of new fans and watching the love of ProgJam spread outward!

The Lighthouse is proving to be a great "home court" for WTFB and we have just secured gigs there through 2018...WITH SEVERAL CHANGES TO THE ROTATION.

We are off in September and October. Please check FB and here for upcoming gigis.

Next Lighthouse gig is SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18TH. This is a 3rd Saturday of the month but after November we return to second Saturdays in December and going into 2018. Sat 12/9/17, Sat 1/13/18...

That's it for now. See you out there!