Lighthouse July 8th, 2017

Sat. July 8, 2017, Lighthouse Café: 
SET 1 
Don't Take Me Alive (Steely Dan) 
Closer to the Heart (Rush) 
Carini (Phish)  
South Side of the Sky (Yes) 
I Am the Slime (Frank Zappa) 
Hit It and Quit It (Funkadelic) 
Cosmic Debris (Frank Zappa) 
Lombo (Mr. Ectomy) 
What Do I Know (WTFB) 
A Day in the Life (Beatles) 
Black Hearted Woman (Allman Bros.) 
Help on the Way >> Slipknot >> Franklin’s Tower (Grateful Dead) 

SET 2 
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) 
Carpet Crawlers (Genesis) 
Montana (Frank Zappa) 
The Wellspring (WTFB) 
Behind the Lines >> Duchess (Genesis) 
Hoe Down (ELP) 
Show Me How to Live (Audioslave) 
Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes) 
Sheep (Pink Floyd) 
Fencewalk (Mandrill) 
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)