The Lighthouse Saturday 5/13

Sat 5/13/17:  
SET 1 
Ain't Life Grand (Widespread Panic) >> 
Empty Spaces (Pink Floyd) >> 
Young Lust (Pink Floyd) >> 
Hey You (Pink Floyd) 
Siberian Khatru (Yes) 
Firth of Fifth (Genesis) 
In Time (Sly & the Family Stone) 
Maze (Phish) 
In the Cage > keyboard solo medley > Afterglow (Genesis)  
 Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Pink Floyd) 
Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Parts 1 & 2 (ELP) 

SET 2 
Your Move / All Good People (Yes)  
Sing a Simple Song (Sly & the Family Stone) 
Plane Crash (moe.) 
Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin) 
Watcher of the Skies (Genesis) 
Down With Disease (Phish) 
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) 
Good to Your Earhole (Funkadelic) 
Stash (Phish) 
I Am the Slime (Frank Zappa) 
Morning Dew (Grateful Dead) 
Space Truckin’ (Deep Purple)