The Wonderful Time Fun Band

Jam rock meets prog rock! WTFB was formed to bring jam band fans something unique and spectacular: English progressive rock masterpieces by bands like Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELP, King Crimson, etc., performed alongside American jam/psychedelic/funk tunes by artists like Phish, Frank Zappa, moe., WSP, Parliament-Funkadelic, Steely Dan, ALO, etc.---played live, loud, and local. The musicianship is astonishing as the band moves between intricately composed passages and wide-open improvisational stretches. 

Keyboardist Ed Lyon (Electric Blue, Mr. Ectomy, pre-2000 Cubensis, The Rum Runners) and drummer Brad Rhodus (The Rum Runners, Cubensis) had been playing together for several years in the Rum Runners when the WTFB concept began to crystalize in 2014. They called some longtime friends and former bandmates: guitarist/violinist Paul Bonanno (Mr.Ectomy) and bassist Warren Kaye (RTA) who were crazy enough to give it a shot. Powerhouse vocalist Brian Warren (Electric Blue) heard about the project, showed up at an early-stage garage jam session, and was eagerly welcomed aboard after singing just one song. 

Well-curated set lists are a hallmark of WTFB, drawing from the very best songs from sometimes disparate genres, making it all go together in a way that somehow makes sense. Like all good jam bands, every show is different, and there is high-energy improvisation---and like all good prog bands, the composed segments are extremely well-rehearsed. It’s the best of both worlds.

Paul Bonanno has gone on to explore other musical endeavors and our current line up includes guitarist David Ownby.

WTFB currently plays in around the beach cities of Southern California.